Chatty Lasses is Back!!!

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So everyone #chattylasses series 2 is currently on you T.V. boxes every Tuesday night 7.30pm on Made in Tyne and Wear. It is also repeated throughout the week. Think of it as a local Loose women but better obviously ha! Katie, Susan and myself have a great relationship, great banter and are the perfect trio for the show.

Sky: 117

Freeview: 7

Virgin media: 159

Online and catch up : here

This week we have been recording series 3 and we have had so much fun in the process. We have had some truly inspiring guests talking crafts, charity, relationships, ageing and so much more! Even Mr Guthrie made an appearance to get his revenge, thankfully he was tame!

Make sure you tune it to series 2 currently on air and make sure you don’t miss series 3 in the coming weeks, please feel free to tweet using the #chattylasses and get involved!

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