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Girls on Tried and Tested are always asking for an eyelash serum to help with damage, growth or thickness of the lashes. My lashes were damaged after wearing eyelash extensions. Now, there are lots of branded lash serums on the market and they all help to an extent, but in general nothing works quite as well as a prescription strength product does it?. After meeting Dr Land he recommended I started using a prescription strength lash serum. I am not going to lie, I am not the best at remembering to apply every evening before bed but I have been dipping in and out of using it and have seen a vast improvement. The picture I am displaying of my lashes is of the completely natural lash, no mascara and no tint. These baby’s rival daisy cow’s lashes with mascara and MUA’s always ask ”are they real”. As this is a medicine you need to follow the instructions carefully. You only need a tiny amount on the brush and you need to take care not to get it into the eye, be sure just to lightly brush along the lash. You can order this private prescription product from Novellus Aesthetics here at a cost of £65.00

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