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I am still buzzing with excitement writing this Blog post! Where do I start? My day went from a nightmare to the best day EVER!!!!

So a little while ago I entered a competition associated with Capital FM and Handbag Clinic. I think I saw it on twitter scrolling through as you do and the bag really caught my eye!!! The competition was

”50 lucky competition finalists will be selected at random and invited to a VIP evening with Scarlett Moffat at AVIEKA on the 12th of May, hosted by Handbag Clinic, on Newcastle’s gorgeous Quayside with a friend. Two guests will then be drawn from the 50 finalists to take to the main stage with Scarlett on the night, and battle it out for a reconditioned Mulberry Bayswater Double Zip Tote in a vibrant red colourway worth £1,600!”

So yesterday, the day of the VIP night, I got a call to say ”sorry its short notice but some people have dropped out the VIP night so you have been selected as a reserve”. Well I’ll be honest, I forgot I had even entered the competition and it really was short notice! Could I pull this off? . My son had a big football match that evening and my husband was at work. I also had my younger son to find childcare for. I got the older son sorted for football ( he played a blinder by the way and won man of the match for the last game of the season) and my younger son was looked after by a NEW babysitter, as I just couldn’t find anyone and at one point I really thought that I was not going to be able to attend (babysitter was ace by the way) . I called up my friend Lucy who manged to get the night of work at such short notice (that never happens) and everything started to fall into place strangely!!!!.

So it was a quick turn around and Lucy arranged to pick me up at 5.30pm, however I’ve lost my bank card, cant find it anywhere. Frantically searching the house but no luck so I had to ring and cancel my card…bummer!

Myself and Lucy got to the Quayside and had a spot of tea as neither of us had time to eat but we wished we had saved ourselves because the food at the event looked incredible!!!

We got to the event and it looked amazing! A HUGE pink handbag was outside, red carpet and full of beautiful glamorous ladies! Lucy and I joked as we felt so under dressed coming straight from work in a mad dash to attend.

As we went in we were checked off the guest list and given a glass of sparkle. We had a walk though the amazing venue with the most amazing chandelier, and the lovely Scarlett Moffat from Google box caught my eye. She was waving and smiling so we went over to see her and had some pictures taken. Anyway, as it happens Scarlet and her mam love the show I do ”Chatty Lasses” and watch it frequently so that had already made my night, me being a huge fan of Google box.

There was a great fashion show with Handbag Clinic and Novo London, they also had pop-up shops in the venue.

Now it was time for the handbag competition. I had no expectation of being picked out of 50 girls. Names were all put in a ”hat”, although it wasn’t a hat, much posher. Scarlett dived in to chose 2 lucky ladies to go head to head.

My name got called and I was literally shaking, I was so shocked and boy, did I want that bag so bad! I went up on the stage with my opponent who was cool as a cucumber, I on the other hand was a quivering wreck. It was time for the question where the closest answer wins! On walked the models with 3 designer handbags with a combined total of over £3000 (cant remember the exact figure as I was so nervous). We had to guess what these bags would cost from the handbag clinic and the closest match won. I was around £115 out but was the closest match and WON!!! I was screaming, jumping up and down, literally could not believe it. After all the organising it took to get there, missing my big lads football match and the loss of my bank card this just made everything so worth while.

I would like to thank Capital Radio, Handbag Clinic and Scarlett for an AMAZING night and for my beautiful new handbag which I absolutely love. You guys pulled off a blinder of an evening at AVEIKA, everything was so well organised and just a perfect evening! You have made a Consett lass very very happy and now I’m off to buy some new red SHOES!!!!

Lisa xx

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