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Murad is an American doctorate brand developed by Dr. Murad himself in the late 80’s. Over at the Murad counter which is exclusive to House of Fraser in the Metrocentre Gateshead, the girls offer a complimentary service of a ‘youthcam’ which is a special camera that looks into the deeper layers of your skin. It allows you to see your hydration levels, pigmentation along many other concerns that you might have and advises you on the best way to treat it. They also offer 20 minute complimentary on-counter mini facials which allows you to try the products and see how they feel and work on your skin. I had a youthcam and mini facial experience with Sarah who is a skin specialist at Murad. Sarah is a lovely girl and really knows her stuff. My complimentary facial was so relaxing and I loved how the products made my skin feel (i can’t wait to do some product review over the coming weeks). The complimentary youth cam is a fantastic tool and very very interesting. This is great for all you ladies who really want to start looking after your skin and want to get the products that are right for you. Tried and Tested FB ladies pop in and have a try. Mention tried and tested and you will be well looked after ??? thanks so much Sarah for the Murad experience xx

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